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Hyderabad Cuisine and its Cultural Connect

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In Hyderabad’s old city, there is a unique amalgamation of food and history that is interspersed in so many stories that has defined the city’s ethos in more ways than one.

As a city that is known to love its food, Hyderabad comes close to no other. In fact, food is rooted in the city’s ethos. Did you know, for instance, that the Hyderabad flag is yellow with a white circle and the circle represents a kulcha?

Kubani Ka Meetha
Kubani Ka Meetha

The diverse cuisine of Hyderabad has a mélange of flavours that has been influenced from its 400-year-old history.

One of the best ways to discover the culinary and cultural history of the Southern city of Hyderabad is to head to the old city where you will discover how history speaks both in the architecture and food of the myriad by-lanes here. And the best time to be here is in the holy period of Ramadan when Haleem leads the culinary roll call.

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