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Lighting in Homes

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Lighting is an essential aspect of all homes. It plays a major role in manipulating the atmosphere by placement angles and varied fixtures. Lights are an integral aspect of home décor that can affect the mood and ambience of the room.

Penelope Pendant 1LS E27 D300 RED
Penelope Pendant courtesy Havells

The kind of lighting required completely depends on the type of project and the mood one is trying to create. Fixtures like chandeliers and wall lights are classically used to aesthetically enhance the space. If chosen thoughtfully, one can incorporate a plethora of lighting in home that can surely serve a purpose. Broadly categorized into ambient lighting, task lighting, and indirect lighting you can combine and create effective lighting. Ambient lighting is the key foundation of illumination in any room.

Allumer (CG-5005) from Tisva
Allumer (CG-5005) from Tisva

The recent advancement in LED technology has revolutionized interior lighting with its flexibility and energy efficiency.  Modern light fixtures are not only functional but also are a part of the overall design. With minimalism across the board, light fixtures are preferred with clean forms. Automation technology adds another layer of luxury in the lighting space. It allows the user to control lights and other electronics with a simple tap or even with their voice.

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