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Memories of Pav Bhaji

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One of my earliest memories of an evening snack Pav Bhaji is a dish whose taste I that has lingered in my mind.

In the 1980s when I was growing up in Hyderabad, there were not too many options to eat out especially snacks. Also eating out was largely restricted to special occasions, so when a small eatery called Sheetal Chaat Bhandar opened relatively close to where I lived, it was the start of a new gastronomic chapter in my life.

Freshly baked Pav

I was still in school and soon it became a ritual to celebrate food and I looked forward to visiting the place. I still remember that on several occasions, I would hop into a cycle rickshaw and get the dish packed so I could enjoy it at home. After all this was the time when there were no distractions of the Internet or the phone. The plate of food was always the focal point and perhaps that is why, my memory of the taste profile of this dish is so ingrained in my mind.

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