Review of Hong Kong Restaurant in Bangalore

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What: HongKong

Where: 2nd Floor, Building 3, MSR Westpark, Off Brigade Road, Church Street, Bangalore. Phone: 080 49652134

Ambience: This 74 cover restaurant is done up in hues of red, brown and black with some greenery thrown in. The seating is comfortable and chairs and sofas are patterned with red and brown upholstery that adds a nice Oriental feel. The lighting is muted and ambient which gives this space a warm look and feel.


What we ate and drank: This restaurant is the brainchild of eminent chef Sanjeev Kapoor and is owned by Sidaarth Sonnad who has the franchisee to run the same. Since Sidaarth joined me for lunch he recommended some of the signature vegetarian dishes on the menu for us to try. We started with the Dim sum’s and sampled the Jiaozi Vegetable made with finely chopped exotic vegetables and herbs that was light and easy on the palate. We also tried the Spinach & Cheese variant which had an ultra thin covering made from potato starch and the best part was the both the main ingredients really shone. The water chestnut corn dim sum is also interesting courtesy the slight sweetness lent by the corn and the Broccoli & Tofu dim sum was soft and tasted great with the three sauces it was served with. It is worth mentioning that all sauces are prepared daily and the food here never for once felt processed. We next sampled the signature Charcoal grills a speciality here that is served on a charcoal grill. Try the Tofu satay served with bell peppers and marinated with chilli and lemon grass that has a nice Thai feel to it. I also loved the Chilli pepper baby corn a munchy snack made with lightly coated baby corn with crushed pepper and chilli. Feeling quite full after this, we decided to go for a ‘Meal In A Bowl’ and I opted for the Nasi Goreng – an Indonesian fried rice served with satay and stir fried Chinese exotic vegetables that was filling. I highly recommend that you try the Chocolate Sticks for dessert. This delectable dish is made with chocolate stuffed spring rolls and is served with a fruity dip that is a sinful indulgence! The food at HongKong was certainly a revelation for me as it emphasizes on fresh and local produce and does not taste synthetic as only natural additives are used.


What we’d eat again: Definitely the Chilli pepper baby corn and the Chocolate Sticks.

Price Points: A meal for two will approximately cost Rs. 1300 plus taxes

Here is a recipe of Jiaozi Vegetable Dim Sum from Sanjeev Kapoor’s kitchen



25 g Crush Cashew nut

25 g Paneer cubes

10 g  Broccoli

15 g Baby corn

5 g  Button mushroom

10 g Shiitake mushroom

10 g Carrot

10 ml Garlic oil

10 g  Mashed Paneer

5 g Sugar

3 g Aromatic powder

100 g Wheat flour


Knead the wheat flour into smooth dough and make small rolls from it.

Heat oil in a pan and add Crush Cashew nuts, Paneer cubes, Broccoli, Baby corn, Button mushroom, Shiitake mushroom, Carrot and the mashed paneer.

Sauté till lightly done.

Roll out the dough into a round shape and add a spoonful of the mixed vegetables and make into a dim sum shape.

Allow the dim sums to steam for 5 minutes.

Serve with tomato chilli sauce, soya ginger sauce and scallion sauce

This story appeared in the Feb 19, 2017 issue of Femina here:

Hong Kong

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