Spa at Amal Tamara

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If you are looking for a wellness getaway that merges Ayurveda and luxury, Amal Tamara in Kerala is your answer.

A retreat that is rooted in the principles of Ayurveda, Amal Tamara is all about choosing wellness as a way of life.

Architecture and landscaping at Amal Tamara were designed keeping traditional Kerala style in mind. The architects created a space where most structures are built in teak and rosewood, surrounded by greenery, leading seamlessly into the natural surroundings of the Kerala backwaters.

Spa room at Amal Tamara
Spa room at Amal Tamara

The therapy rooms (they are a registered Ayurveda hospital, primary health center) highlight a strong legacy of traditional Ayurveda, while ensuring comfort and privacy. All the rooms here also have this focus, and you can see nooks and corners dedicated to local craftsmanship in the property.

Antiques in the in house restaurant
Antiques in the in house restaurant

The food here uses no refined flour, no sugar, and less salt as well no deep-fried food is served. A typical day starts with yoga and Agni Hotram, a purification ritual, breakfast, treatment session, lunch, treatment post lunch, snacks, and dinner.

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