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The ongoing pandemic has shifted most things to a virtual world and fitness is no exception. Online training, apps and virtual sessions are the new norm as far as being fit is concerned.

“Brett Lee will be taking a fitness class today, so I have to attend that today.” When my 12-year-old nephew Arya Upadhya said this to me in April this year, I was foxed. However, he continued unfazed, “tomorrow is a session by Jonty Rhodes that I will attend too.” Looking at my perplexed expression, he explained that these were some of the online fitness classes being conducted on a fitness app he had downloaded on his phone as his badminton classes had closed. The ongoing pandemic has certainly digitized fitness and is helping fitness enthusiasts meet their health goals too.

App tracking fitness
App tracking fitness

App Connect

Take the case of G. Nivedith, travel and tech blogger from Bengaluru who had a huge issue with his weight that was at 126 kgs in March 2020. “My body fat was 46% and I knew I had to get fit. After researching online, I made my low carb-high protein diet plan and focused on losing fat without losing muscle. I bought an Omron weighing scale with the Omron connect app that gave me indicators like body mass index, visceral fat and other parameters and I am happy to say that I now weigh 75 kgs and have lost 51 kgs over the last 7 months,” he explains. Sohini Ghaie, video creator and a freelance publicist also tracks her calories using an app ‘Healthifyme’. “I was so excited when I saw Nora Fatehi conduct a dance session of 30 minutes on Gyms do not give you that sense of satisfaction because you get a complex while your gym trainers compare you with the others who are working out.”

Home Gyms

If you have space in your home, a rarity these days, you can consult experts and set up fitness equipment’s at home. “As doctors suggest walking 10,000 steps a day, these machines can come as a saviour. Opt for brands when buying exercise equipment and indoor bikes. But you get bored so easily, it’s better to opt for fitness mobile apps as you can pay as you go there while there will be other people to motivate and help you,” says Dinesh Godara, Founder & CEO, TREAD, an online fitness platform. Anavi Someshwarm Course Director, Kleinetics Fitness + Kleinetics Educators Academy explains, “the number of people opting to train has definitely increased. This could be owing to several reasons; to boost immunity, time on their hands and cheaper fees. Over time, the frequency of exercising has also seen a gradual increase. People don’t think of working out as a task anymore.” In times when personal contact and group sessions are difficult to conduct, technology is helping people enjoy the same in the secure environment of their homes. “Everyone’s fitness levels are different depending on gender’s age and lifestyle. Some people enjoy cardio activity whereas some enjoy weight training, and both need different levels of fitness. Technology has just supplemented the need and guidance where it is required,” says Pallavi Bhardwaj, Health and Lifestyle Coach and Co-Founder, Save Well Being.

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