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The Sindhian stories Apr-Jun 2019

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I interviewed I diverse set of people for this issue.

Natalia Gul Jilani Baghdadi‘s Twitter and Instagram profile reads, “I fix teeth. I act. I get paid to crack jokes. Yes I’m that Sindhi Girl. A Healer.” Say hello to a woman who is multi-tasking diverse roles with a rare aplomb that deserves to be applauded. Read the full interview here:

Divya Chandiramani grew up in a family of doctors and medicine was always in her DNA. “Stories of hernias, cancers and gallbladders were normal dinner table discussions as my dad was head of surgery at Hinduja and my mom on the other hand is a pediatrician. I knew that I wanted to be in the field of medicine but at the molecular level.” Read the full interview here:

Pawan Shahri started Chrome Nightlife that laid the foundations for what eventually became Chrome Asia a 360º digital marketing, PR, design, and branding agency for the F&B industry based in Mumbai & Dubai. Read the full interview here:

Brij Panjwani. As a child Brij’s father gifted him a Lego building blocks set on which he spent an entire evening creating different structures out of the blocks. “It fascinated me that the whole building structure can be changed by simply changing the arrangement of few blocks. The amusement of building things from my own hand turned into passion and I fell in love with architecture. For me, architecture is the perfect amalgamation of art and logic and fulfils my passion of building dreams into reality.” Read the full interview here:

Keya Vaswani Co-founder, Storyloom Films. The rich cultural and traditional heritage of handloom weaves in India is seeing a revival through many ways. Keya Vaswani and her best friend and co-founder Nidhi Kamath however are doing this differently by making films on India’s crafts. Read the full interview here:

Priyanka Talreja. The eldest of three siblings, Priyanka grew up in Mumbai from where she did her Higher Secondary Certificate and Bachelor of Physical Therapy. Being the eldest she gave a shot at the medical entrance exam, cleared it and got into KEM hospital ranked number one in Mumbai for physical therapy degree studies. Read the full interview here:

Aditya Madnani. Most 20 year olds can typically be described as happy-go-lucky and in their own little world enjoying their life to the fullest. However that is not the case with 20 year old student Aditya Madnani. Read the full interview here:

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