Magic of Millets

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Millets Matter

If you are interested in health and want to make the right choices as far as what you eat is concerned, read on. In the last week I had two opportunities to well – meet the millet. I was fortunate to attend a presentation on Siridhanya or millets by Dr. Khadar a renowned homeopath and crusader for millets recently and came away impressed with his talk that was peppered with the right dose of humour. I also visited an organic restaurant Green Path in Bangalore that has an entire buffet dedicated to millets. For the uninitiated, millets are indigenous and natural healthy food that have been forgotten in a world dominated by rice and wheat.

Kinds of Millets
Kinds of Millets

Looking Back

Dr. Khader is from Andhra Pradesh and has a Phd from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. He has worked at CFTRI, Mysore for 2 years and in Dupont as scientist for 5 years. Concerned that young girls were attaining puberty earlier in India as compared to other countries, Dr. Khader came back to India. Likewise he found that cows were being injected with steroids to ensure that they give more milk. He found a connection that this was one of the reasons for girls to attain puberty at the age of 8 as compared to 14. Appalled that this was a dangerous situation and that there was nothing natural left he decided to come back to India. After he returned to India he started organic cultivation in Bidarahalli, Heggadadevana Kote Taluk in Mysore District and is being called a agricultural scientist.

Development versus Safety

Commenting that there is an establishment that is pushing for white rice, white wheat and refined foods in the name of science and technology, he says that it is imperative that we go back to our natural food and millets are a great option. In the name of technology we are getting duped and this is causing us health issues as we do not realize what we are eating. 60 percent of dry land farmers used to grow millets but seeing that there is no demand other crops are being grown. In the last 15 years modern agricultural practices is causing severe damage to land. Microbes have disappeared from the soil causing this loss. Dairy pasteurization technology and drinking bottled water in plastic containers is leading to severe hair loss among young women aged as less as 20, it is time to wake up to what this kind of techniques is doing to your health. Nano particles of plastic are getting attached to the stomach and hence the ability to absorb nutrients is getting reduced. Hence there is a lot of hair loss that cannot be cured through medicines or oils. So what is the solution? You will need to use water stored in copper tumblers as these have d’orbitals that are helpful. This is structured water as this will kill bacteria. In fact he propagates the use of natural water and says that when you add drumstick seeds, all bacteria is killed. T”his is the best way to clean and drink water and we need to make the right choice. Water is a resource that is needed for all food and now we are letting go of this in the name of biotechnology. This is why it is important to eat food in its natural form.”

Diabetes Industry

Dr. Khadar adds that most diseases have become an industry and the money being made by Pharma companies through diabetics medicine is 827 billion dollars and a third of this is being generated by India. As an aside this is causing renal disease and there is no one that is wondering why this issue is happening in the first place. He also added that Maida is dangerous as it is made using Alloxsan in wheat that directly blocks the immune system and causes diabetes. In fact this is widespread across people in different strata as well as across countries and it is a sham to call them lifestyle diseases. There is an urgent need to opt for natural food to avoid taking medicines. Unnatural food that has been modified and processed is causing diseases. If you ensure you eat the right things then you know that metabolic waste is getting cleaned.

Beat Cancer

Having helped countless number of cancer patients, Dr. Khadar says that the key is in controlling sugar. “If the sugar exceeds 7 grams in the blood that causes health issues. Indian produces over 18 Lakh tones of sugar. One kg of sugar needs 28000 liters of water. Growing sugarcane and sugar is taking up lot of water. The most dangerous chemical is sugar. We are adding glucose into the blood and giving names of different diseases. The main cause of this lies in the wrong food choices we are making. It is important to control how we release glucose into the blood so that is how we can control any health issues. Starve the cancer cells without giving glucose and it will kill the cancer cell.” Horale Rice has helped cure many cancer patients.

The Solution


Uncontrolled glucose release in the blood is the cause of all health issues and to control them the millets help in controlling the same. The advantage of adding millets is that they hold the glucose for 5 hours and release the same gradually to control sugar levels. The fiber content is also high. It is recommended to soak the millets for 30 minutes before using.


  • Activated charcoal helps clean teeth and massaging teeth with your fingers helps. Enamel will  never get affected by charcoal.
  • Organic acids in neem help clean plaque in teeth.
  • Walk for an hour before you sleep so that glucose disappears from the body.
  • Sleep in the dark so that you can get proper rest in the night.
  • If you are angry go into a dark room.
  • If you are anxious close your eyes, these simple techniques will help you.
  • Yoga, millets and walking will help.
  • There are seven ingredients – all different greens: garke, arli, tulsi, amruthballi, bevvu, bilwa and honge that help in combating issues like dengue and chikangunya. Just drink the juice of each of these for 7 days (one green per week) and in 49 days you have the remedy to beat these problems.

“What started in 1998 I hoped that this will catch up soon but today am glad that it has become a movement that has helped so many people. Changing your diet will not harm as this is natural,” he concluded.

Here are a couple of recipes courtesy Forgotten Food Restaurant

Tomato Millet Bath   

Tomato Millet


Millet (Navane)  100g

Cinnamon  1g

Clove 2-3

Cardamom 2

Star anise ¼ piece

Jeera 2g

Tomato 75g

Ginger garlic 10g

Onion 25g

Coriander leaves 3-5 sprigs

Turmeric a pinch

Chili powder 5g

Salt to taste

Ghee 25ml

Kasoori methi 1g


  • Clean, wash and cook millet in boiling water evaporation method.
  • Clean, wash and chop onion, tomato and coriander leaves,
  • Clean, peel, chop and make fine paste of ginger and garlic.
  • Slightly dry heat kasoori methi and powder it with hands.
  • Dry roast cardamom, clove, cinnamon, star anise and jeera. Cool it to a room temperature and grind it to a fine powder.
  • Heat the ghee in cooking vessel fry chopped onion to light golden brown colour.
  • Then add tomato, roasted and powdered masala, ginger garlic paste, turmeric, chili powder, coriander leaves and salt.
  • Mix cooked millet to above mixture, sprinkle prepared kasoori methi and correct the seasoning.
  • Serve hot garnished with coriander leaves.

Pearl Millet Almond Cookies (makes about 20 cookies)

Almond Cookies


Pearl millet flour  115g

Jaggery powder 175g

Salt  a pinch

Almonds 50g

Vanilla essence ½ tsp

Butter 80g


  • Sieve the millet flour along with jaggery powder in mixing bowl.
  • Add finely chopped almond powder to the mixture.
  • Cream butter and mix above mixture, vanilla essence and gently mix to make a dough.
  • If required sprinkle very little cold water just to get dough consistency.
  • Roll out the dough on a lightly floured surface to 3 mm thick sheet, use a round cutter to cut.
  • Arrange cut cookies on greased baking tray and bake it for 30 minutes or until light golden brown colour at 1800
  • Once baked cool and garnish with sliced almond and serve. 

If you want to know more check out these Youtube links:



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    1. Thanks Vandana, its so true that we are moving away from natural foods to processed ones and it is time to make the right choice. You have a nice page too.

    1. Hi Sivakanth

      There are many – several nutritionists prescribe these and are also available online.
      However it is best to have this vetted by a qualified nutritionist before starting to eat them.


  1. Please provide the list of the foods which we need to avoid while in Dr.Khader sir diet plan.
    Mid of the day I am feeling hungry, what should I eat at that time. Are fruits and nuts are allowed?

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